HiNounou Intelligent Robot Company Launches Predictive Heart Failure “Robot As A Service” Companion for the Elderly at IoT Asia Sandbox, Techspace

HiNounou Intelligent Robot Company today announced at the IoT Asia sandbox, the launch of its predictive heart failure “robot as a service” companion for the world’s elderly.

HiNounou is an Innovative AI Healthcare Companion Robot as a Service initially launched in the Chinese market in partnership with AXA, Ping An and ZTE for China’s elderly. It is the output of 12 years of Research and Development and has 5 patents pending in China including 2 for breakthrough innovation.

In 2015, there were 208M Elderly in China aged 60+ years old with 60% already living alone. However, care for the elderly in China today is limited today by a shortage of 10M paramedics and professional Senior Caregivers. With 12,000 hospitals in China, only 61 support China’s elderly today.

By 2020, out of the 400 million elderly people in China,only 4 beds will be available for every 100 elderly people. While life expectancy is 75, the elderly typically become unhealthy at 68, leaving them with a need for assistance and support for 7 years. This landscape is exacerbated by the fact that 95% of the +65Y old elderly do not have private insurance and unlike many Western countries who are subsidized by their state, 90% are paid out of pocket by the family. The 1 child policy has left the “empty nester” to support 6 older family members. The numbers alone make this simply unsustainable.

HiNounou’s intelligent robot as a service offering helps the world’s elderly live longer, happier and healthier.

HiNounou was designed to address 3 major issues for the elderly. They suffer from

  1. Social Isolation - We live longer but are lonely.
  2. Congestive Heart Failure.
  3. Fall prediction and detection.

HiNounou is designed to empower the elderly to live longer, healthier and happier at home. A home companion robot addresses the issue of social isolation through the provision of a technology platform that connects the elderly via video and social media with their ecosystem of family, caregivers, emergency services and their insurer, plus the support of a toolkit designed to keep them mentally stimulated and engaged.

HiNounou’s FDA approved predictive heart failure algorithm, can prevent 6 days ahead of a Heart Failure through daily use of IoT devices. It is the outcome of 4Y clinical trials in France by a 4 Nobel Prize University Hospital, the University Hospital of Strasbourg. The algorithm is France FDA approved and is currently pending European FDA approval.

HiNounou also delivers fall prediction capabilities through its innovative SmartSole technologies.

Finally, Hinounou’s Robot as a Service is underpinned by China's first dedicated no underwriting elderly life and critical illness insurance product for the elderly up to 100 years, thanks to Ping An. AXA complements this through on-demand telemedicine, telehealth services and insurance.

“These 3 issues of loneliness, heart failure and fall prediction are the major contributors to death for our elderly and contribute to the 7 years of unhealthy living prior to death. Through the use of HiNounou, hospital stays for the elderly can be reduced by 2/3 – from 30 days to only 10 days, providing the financial incentives to citizens in emerging markets who wear up to 99% of these costs out of pocket. In developed markets, the incentives are for both governments and insurers to achieve cost reduction and improved quality of life across their elderly, when healthcare services are provided by the State,” reports Charles Bark, HiNounou's founder and CEO.

This is a massive market and it is growing. The global long-term and senior home healthcare technology markets alone were valued at $6.25 Billion in 2016. The IoT healthcare market is projected to grow from USD 41.22 Billion in 2017 to USD 158.07 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 30.8% from 2017 to 2022 (Markets&Markets, 2018).

HiNounou are a strong team, composed of Experts and Doctors with strong track records in AI, Robotics, Financial Services, and Predictive Health Cardiology-Geriatrics. They were awarded #1 HealthTech Innovation at the Bayer Global HealthTech Challenge.

“Our dream is to be a world game changer in Home Senior Care, through our innovative business model and product portfolio.” states Charles Bark. In China we are already “oxygen” through our no underwriting insurance services, “aspirin” through our predictive healthcare maintenance solutions and “jewelry” through our robot companion.

With ZTE as its China launch partner and AXA, and PingAn flying its flag, HNN are on track to delivering RaaS to more than 1.2M of their elderly customers in China.

About HiNounou
Shanghai based, HiNounou Intelligent Robot Company is the world’s first Robot as a Service company for the world’s elderly. Distributed via the Consumers’ mobile carrier as a "Robot as a Service", Hinounou provides no underwriting insurance to the elderly to age 100, predictive heart failure and fall prediction, and home companion robot services.

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Leesa SOULODRE Chief Digital Officer, HiNounou Intelligent Robot Company
Charles Bark Founder and CEO, HiNounou Intelligent Robot Company
Leesa SOULODRE Chief Digital Officer, HiNounou Intelligent Robot Company
Charles Bark Founder and CEO, HiNounou Intelligent Robot Company
About HiNounou Intelligent Robot Company

HiNounou Intelligent Robot Company is a Connected Healthcare & Intelligent Data Platform company. We are committed to cutting-edge technology and are on a mission to empower the world's Seniors to live longer, healthier and happier, at home.

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